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"Make Wood Projects Without Nails, Screws or Glue"

Learn to make 10 simple but flawless woodworking joints for your own wood projects. All you need are simple hand tools!  (power tools NOT needed)


Joints are elegant and they outlast nails, screws or glue. If you want to make projects that last hundreds of years, this guide will be invaluable to you.


With detailed photos and step by step instructions, it covers, shelves, hinges, latches, chairs, cabinets, doors, desk, toolboxes and many more...


These are time-tested joints and techniques I've used over the past 15 years to build all types of furniture and crafts.

  • Make flawless woodworking joints with just hand tools
  • Covers popular joints and all types of furniture and crafts
  • Detailed photos, guides and examples of finished projects
  • Save on cost of fasteners and expensive power tools

VALUE: $49


"20 Woodworking Tricks" The Pros Use

I'm always looking for "shortcuts" in my work, either to save time or make my life easier.


Over the last 20 years, I've learned easier ways to do something I've done a hundred times before.


This book is a collection of the top 20 tips I've learn from master craftsman or on my own. These tips are simple yet effective ways to be efficient when working with wood.

  • The correct way to layout wood for efficient woodworking
  • The simple (but often overlooked) way to mark cut lines to save time
  • How to make a straight line on dowels without measuring tools!
  • How to cut down on repetitive measurements with this one tip!
  • The #1 mistake you can make when cleaning up glue
  • And many more tips!

VALUE: $37


Ultimate Woodworker Reference - The Mammoth Woodworking Resource

With more than 1,800 colorful, information-packed drawings, diagrams and photos, this resource is designed to instruct and inspire every woodworker from the beginner to the most exacting expert.


It includes tons of guides, weekend crafting ideas and carpentry references...From selecting the right wood, to working with patterns, gluing, and finishing.


This is a MUST-HAVE for all woodworkers and carpenters alike. If you enjoy building custom crafts or sheds, these guides will be your ultimate reference kit.

  • Ultimate Woodworking Reference with 1,800 Photos
  • Bible of Woodworking Tools
  • 150+ Easy Weekend Woodworking Projects
  • Shed Foundation Guides & Tips
  • Custom Furniture Plans
  • And many more!

VALUE: $59


Home3D Building Software

  • Home3D design software allows you to create any building on 2D plan with a 3D preview
  • Comes with 100 different furniture and objects with option to create your own
  • Build anything in 2D, Preview in 3D views
  • Create shed buildings or complete homes
  • Super fun and easy to use!

VALUE: $47


Over 219 Outdoor Shed Plans

With this VIP deluxe package #5, you're also going to receive a lifetime membership access to over 219 outdoor shed plans, designed by veteran woodworkers.


All plans comes with easy-to-follow "step by step" instructions and blueprints.

  • General Barn, Utility and Storage Shed Plans
  • Community, Fairground and Lean-to Sheds
  • Greenhouse, Outdoor and Garden Plans
  • Chicken Coops and Barnyard Sheds
  • And many more!

VALUE: $57

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